are romeo and juliet static or dynamic characters

A dynamic character is one who goes through a change throughout the course of the story. The first character who could be considered dynamic is the Nurse. In the beginning of the play, Nurse seems to be totally on Juliet's side, and, although she does sometimes act as Juliet's mother, she also acts as her friend.
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A dynamic character changes significantly throughout the story. A static character remains substantially the same. Romeo is a static character. His main personality traits are over-reaction, rashness, and emotional instability. When we first meet Romeo, we see two of the three. He is upset over the reject from Rosaline.
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Juliet. round/dynamic. Romeo. round/dynamic. Prince Escalus. flat/static. Paris. flat/static. Mercutio. round/static. Benvolio. round/static. Lord Montague and Lady Montague. Lord M = flat/dynamic Lady M = flat/static. Lord Capulet. round/dynamic. Lady Capulet. flat/static. Nurse. round/static. Friar Laurence. round/static.
He is a flat character, because the reader only knows that he is Juliet's cousin and that he despises Romeo and his family. He is a static character because he remains with hatred throughout the play. He does not ... I agree on the fact that both Romeo and Juliet are dynamic characters. Both changed after
Capulet is considered a dynamic character, or a character that changes throughout a piece of literary work. In the beginning of the play, Capulet is concerned about Juliet's possible marriage. He thinks that Juliet is too young to be married to Paris (who is very interested in Juliet) at the age of 13, since he was married young
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A great activity for students to practice textual evidence within the play and citations.

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