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Even in developed countries, where survival tends to be prolonged for almost all, recent studies suggest that there are still genetic differences among people in fertility and reproductive fitness, an indication that natural selection is operating. “The question 'Are humans still evolving?' should be rephrased as 'Do all people
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Much of the beauty of the concept of evolution lies in its elegant simplicity. According to Charles Darwin's grand theory, the characteristics of populations or species can change over time if heritable variation exists, and if there are differences in reproductive success or survival rates. Therefore, in response to environmental
Are humans still evolving essaysIn order to figure out if humans are still evolving scientists have to ask, "do humans have variety in their gene pool, and is there a differential fitness to these variants?" Everybody, whether or not they believe humans are still evolving, agree that we ha.
“This is a good confirming instance, with solid evidence” that humans still have the potential to evolve in modern times, said Stephen Stearns, an evolutionary biologist at Yale University, whose own work has suggested the potential for continuing human evolution beyond prehistoric times. Stearns, who did not participate in
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